Leslie Randle

Eleanor & Dolly
Leslie is delighted to be back reading Jenny Stafford! Past readings: 'Eleanor & Dolly', 'Beating a Dead Horse'. Come see Leslie's 3rd original cabaret, 'Show Business is No Business (according to my accountant)' June 14th at the Vintage Theatre! Past cabarets: 'Leslie’s History of Wrong Guys', 'Working Girl: The Day-Job Cabaret'. Past roles: Artie, 'Eleemosynary', Mary, 'The Language Archive', Mrs. Thistletwat/Bad Idea Bear, 'Avenue Q' (4 runs), Winnifred, 'Once Upon a Mattress', Rose, 'Enchanted April', Matt Damon, 'Matt and Ben', Sister Amnesia, 'Nunsense', Little Sally, 'Urinetown'. MM Boston Conservatory.