“[What] is magical, fun and compelling to me is transformation. Whether that be of me into a character […] or a stage into a world or a window display into a play or a community into a stronger community. Transformation makes me feel like a giddy child.” – Samwell Rose

As a teen, Samwell Rose (they/them) discovered theatre through the unconventional method of memorizing films and re-enacting scenes for their friends. They began taking classes at the Denver Center and grew their skills under the generous mentorship of dedicated teaching artists. 

Since then, the Denverite has acquired a BA in Theatre Arts from Lewis & Clark College in Oregon and racked up an impressive credit list. In all their work (acting, directing, devising and teaching), they advocate for inclusion and access. Their longstanding performance and coaching experience in the Denver area makes them an ideal teaching artist for Girls Create – someone who excels at their trade and knows how to impart its magic. Most importantly, they are truly passionate about helping young dramatists bring their own swashbuckling dreams to life. 

We are grateful to Samwell for taking time to answer some questions about this summer’s Girls Write playwriting camp and their own career:

What do you most look forward to at this year’s Girls Write camp?

I can’t wait to see the young artists witness their work brought into the world during the professional reading. It’s a truly magical experience to hear your words and see your vision realized and shared with an audience. 

Can you describe the ideal Girls Write participant?

Passionate, curious, eager and imaginative! 

What was a game-changer in your own learning?

Mentors who took the time to share their toolkits and give compassionate space for me to make my own discoveries as a young artist. I owe these teaching artists so much – without them, I don’t know that I would have discovered how to channel my creative energy effectively.  

What is an essential skill you wish to teach your campers?

Coming from a playwriting angle, it’s important to keep in mind the full sensory experience of making something in a theatrical space. Having texture, smells, sounds in mind while writing and thinking about ways that you can communicate story not just through dialogue but all the other tangible elements. 

What is your next great career adventure?

I will be pursuing my MFA in Directing out of state starting this fall! I hope to bring my skills back to Denver someday once I obtain my degree, and teach at the college and graduate levels in addition to mentoring young artists.

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