In Tháng 1 of 2020, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Endowment for the Arts reported Colorado led the nation in arts performances and exhibition attendance.  The attendance rate for metro Denver was 76.8% compared to the national average of 48.5%. More people residing in Denver attended plays, concerts and dance performances than any other place in the country. Then a pandemic hit.

In the summer of 2020, Athena Project partnered with K Contemporary Gallery and created the mobile art project #ArtFindsUs to fill the newly found arts void. Artists were compensated and art was freely and safely accessible to all, reinforcing the ability of the arts to connect people, uplift communities and acknowledge our shared existence.  

With the election just weeks away and so much at stake, we have to come together to do all we can to get out the vote.  Enter:  #ArtFindsVoters.

#ArtFindsVoters seeks to educate voters about what is at risk in this election for artists and gig workers and thus the vibrancy of our city.  Issues include health care, affordable housing, art accessibility, job security, storytelling, the need for creativity and the heart and soul of our city.

This time #ArtFindsVoters collaborators include Athena Project and Handsome Little Devils (HLD) and our goal is to create meaningful and worthwhile activations to raise awareness and encourage people to register throughout the afternoon of Tháng 10 17.

Join Us in Five Points on Thứ bảy, Tháng 10 17 from 12:00-4:00pm








Artist line up:

12-1pm: Gora Gora Orkestar
(parading on Welton Street beginning at 24th and ending at 28th on top of a double-decker bus!)

1-2pm: Cleo Parker Dance
(at the crosswalk at 27th and Welton)

2-3pm: Platinum Divas
(at the crosswalk at 27th and Welton)

3-4pm: Kayla Matton – Spoken Word Artist
(on the double-decker bus)

Activation Description

The first part of the activation is a voter registration drive through the heart of Five Points along Welton Street, from 12pm-4pm, people will be able to stay in their cars and register to vote.  #ArtFindsVoters will provide entertainment along Welton Street and near Coffee At The Point.  Additionally, a mobile, digital billboard truck will be traveling throughout the city with event messaging to include both Be Woke.Vote information as well as #ArtFindsVoters.  As with all our events, safety is our number one priority and all COVID guidelines will be adhered to.  

Sponsored in part by Womxn’s Tháng 3 Denver, the second part of our event is getting those #ballotstothebox. Using a text platform, we’re connecting artists who wish to volunteer to patrons who need assistance in getting their ballots to the polls to do just that–get their ballots to the polls. Even at a time when artists and independent contractors are struggling, they want to be engaged with this effort. According to Colorado statute, each person can collect up to 9 ballots plus their own (so 10 total) and deliver them to the ballot box without penalty. We’re working closely with Denver County Clerk & Recorders Office on this process.

This effort is a way to highlight the large number of artists who are suffering to pay their bills but who are still willing to engage and support fellow citizens on this important cause.

Details to come about how to sign up and where to text for your ballot pick up.

Scan for easy text access.

If you are in the Denver Metro area, text ballottothebox to (877) 329-2304
for an artist to pick up your ballot
during the week of Oct. 26-Nov. 2.

In Collaboration with Be Woke


The Be Woke.Vote initiative aims to encourage participation and inspiration of younger generations that are oftentimes disenfranchised or not educated on the subject and to create discussions about politics through social media work and in-person events.

Ballot Pickup

If you are in the Denver Metro area, text ballottothebox to (877) 329-2304 for an artist to pick up your ballot during the week of Oct. 26-Nov. 2.

Ballot Tracing


BallotTRACE provides Denver County voters with just-in-time notifications on the status of your ballot for all Denver County elections. 


Ballot Drop Off Locations

City of Denver Drop-Off Locations

Locate 24-hour ballot drop boxes, in-person vote centers, and the mobile vote center on the map.

Artist Sign Up to Help

Thanks for your interest in supporting our #ArtFindsVoters effort.  Please click here to fill out this form.

Featured Artist

Handsome Little Devils


Handsome Little Devils is an all-inclusive entertainment, design and performance company that specializes in original, experiential works for festivals, events and theater. They combine visual art, world-class performance and storytelling to create interactive experiences.


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