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Athena Project empowers women** through the arts by providing women artists with paid work opportunities while also ensuring audiences get to see and hear them. We change the world, one paid woman artist at a time. Our programs evolve as the political & social landscape changes.

At present, they include: Read & Rant: A Plays in Progress Series, a book club that serves the needs of new playwrights, providing them with readers and dramaturgical support while providing community members with opportunities to support new work. Curating Art for Impact, a collaboration with or on behalf of community partners, providing unique experiential art such as pop-up performances which elevates and amplifies their missions. Artful Reflections, a forum which connects artists with their audiences and fellow artists with a facilitated discussion about the emotional impact of the art through the lens of the attendants’ world views and identities. Girls Create summer intensive week-long camps exploring various art forms, and monthly Artfully Minded- open mic nights and workshops , empowering girls to lead and effect change in themselves and others through creative learning.

**At Athena Project, we believe that “women” means many things and can be a complicated term. We recognize that the term “women” does not automatically include all aspects of the gender spectrum. We want to create a safer space for the expression and growth for all women, non-binary, trans and LGBTQIA+ individuals.”


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Athena Project is a not-for-profit organization with a 501 (c)(3) status with the Internal Revenue Code. The tax-exempt identification number, as registered with the U.S. Department of Treasury, is 47-4154570.

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Status of Women in Theatre in the Rocky Mountain Region

Gender parity in the arts has become a hot button issue. Over the past several years multiple studies have been published examining the roles and participation of women in theatre across the United States. These studies by organizations such as the Dramatists Guild, the League of Professional Theatre Women, WomenArts, Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative, and Gender Parity Task Force – Chicago, document that women are greatly underrepresented as playwrights, directors, and managers in theatres across the country.

While there is data being collected on the status of women in theatre across the US there is no single survey examining the status of women in the Rocky Mountain Region (AZ, CO, ID, MN, NM, NV, UT, WY). As a nonprofit supporting and promoting female voices in the arts, Athena Project believes that it is important to look more closely at the status of women in theatre within our own Rocky Mountain Region. The data collected for this survey adds to the research already being done in small and vibrant theatre communities in medium and small-sized cities across the US.

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