Volunteer with Athena Project!

Athena Project has two ways to get involved:

  1. Volunteer as staff, work on committees and have dedicated involvement with the organization year-round.
  2. Volunteer on an event by event basis.

ALL of our volunteers make Athena Project’s programming possible and the organization’s growth and success are dependent upon them. See some of our volunteer opportunities below.

Volunteer Highlight – Katelynn Wright

Katelynn WrightName:

Katelynn Wright

How long have you been involved with Athena:

Why does Athena matter to you?

I see Athena as an opportunity to share my talents with others and to make a positive impact on the lives of women.

Fun Facts about Katelynn:

Describe yourself in 3 adjectives:

Favorite Food:

Volunteer Highlight – Sarah Darnell

Sarah DarnellName:

Sarah Darnell

How long have you been involved with Athena:

January 2019

Why does Athena matter to you?

Athena is theatre with many purposes – it takes the art beyond just creating something and truly changes the lives of those involved from the artist to the audience and everyone in between.

Fun Facts about Sarah:

Describe yourself in 3 adjectives:
Perseverant, Empathetic, Joyful

Favorite Food:
Chocolate oranges! Shame they only pop up in the states around Christmas time.

Volunteer Highlight – Brittany S


Brittany S

How long have you been involved with Athena:

January 2021

Why does Athena matter to you?

I was searching or an online volunteer opportunity that would enable me to interact with the community. During these times of trying to overcome a pandemic, I just think it’s important to support people as much as possible.

Fun Facts about Brittany:

Describe yourself in 3 adjectives:
Innovative, assertive, couragemous

Favorite Food:

Volunteer Highlight – Roxanne Wilkerson

Roxanne WilkersonName:

Roxanne Wilkerson

How long have you been involved with Athena:

January 2021

Why does Athena matter to you?

Athena matters to me because I really admire how uplifting the organization is towards the female art community. I love being able to see all this amazing artwork done by local artists and am inspired as both a member of the organization and an artist. The idea of being able to learn more about others who have similar interests as me and the opportunity to influence a younger generation of women artists excites me. The structure and outline of Athena Project’s website and marketing design also align with my style as a graphic designer.

Fun Facts about Roxanne:

Describe yourself in 3 adjectives:
Industrious, Enthusiastic, Creative

Favorite Food:
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel

Volunteer Highlight – Emma Wallace

Emma WallaceName:

Emma Wallace

How long have you been involved with Athena:

November 2020

Why does Athena matter to you?

Athena matters to me because I believe that arts and arts education is a cornerstone to a fulfilled and successful life. I was privileged enough to grow up in the arts and it absolutely shaped who I grew into. As important as the arts are, women, especially women of color, are significantly underrepresented and respected. The fact that Athena not only works to expose everyone to the arts but actively rallies around and supports women artists makes me proud to support the project.

Fun Facts about Emma:

Describe yourself in 3 adjectives:
Passionate, Energetic, Creative

Favorite Food:
Pho or my grandma’s homemade pasta sauce

Administrative Support

(varies with different committees)

  • Marketing: handle event postings to various websites/emails. Need to be computer savvy and able to handle rote duties. (3-5 hours each event cycle) 
  • Grants: support on a cyclical basis, keeping up with informing the committee of upcoming deadlines and providing research assistance.  Need to send emails on a weekly basis and keep up with the calendar. (Approximately 30 minutes weekly) 
  • Fundraising: schedule initial outreach for appointments with Corporate Sponsor Coordinator and subsequent data management. Need to send emails on a weekly basis and keep up with the calendar. (Approximately 90 minutes weekly) 
  • General great entry-level position for someone who can work behind the scenes on database management, helping with calendaring, project management, and event planning as needed. (2-3 hours weekly)

Represent and promote Athena Project at events, approximately 10-12 throughout the year.  This includes greeting audience members, signing-in artists at events, and answering questions  about our programs. Must be comfortable speaking to others. (Training session would require 2-3 hours + 2-3 hours/event)

Archival Assistant

Maintain Google folders of photos and videos along with Flickr and YouTube accounts. Includes contact with various artists via email. (5-10 hours per month)

Event Photographer

Capture images of events for marketing, grant writing, and archival purposes. This person must have an SLR camera or a high-quality cell phone. (3-5 hours per event plus editing time)

Event Coordinator

Help with coordinating events throughout the year with Athena Project. This is an ongoing position. You will be assisting with curating space, organizing events, working with marketing and supplies.

Event Runner

Tasked with picking up donated food for particular events, including our Girls Create Summer Camps (July/August), annual Plays In Progress Series (May/June) and fall fundraiser (October).  Being able to drive to and from venues at particular times of the day is important. (1-2 hours/event)

Event Videographer

Capture video for marketing, grant writing, and archival purposes.  This person ideally will have the ability to shoot, edit, and upload. With direction from the marketing team, the videographer would produce one or two 1-minute long videos highlighting the particular event. (10-15 hours/event)

Girls Create Mentors

Mentors assist the teaching artists for our Girls Create camps. This role involves cheerleading and encouraging our campers, under the supervision of the teachers.  No teaching experience is needed. (10-12 hours/camp week)

Graphic Designer

Working with the marketing committee to produce digital and print materials on an as-needed basis. Photoshop and Illustrator experience is required. (5 hours/month)

Script Readers

(April 1 through May 31) Following  a rubric for assessment, this position commits to 5-15 plays to be read and assessed.  We ask you to read a minimum of 5 plays within a two-week reading period. Each play read is then assessed on 7 attributes listed in the rubric.  All comments are also welcome. (Total time is 2.5-4 hours for reading each play and filling out the assessment)

Social Media Coordinator

Must access social media daily (or more than that!).  Looking for a minimum of 1 hour a day to find content and then update and respond on our social media outlets: especially Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.


Generally needed for theatrical and dance events, usually in June and monthly for Artists’ Night Out. This job entails greeting and seating patrons with a perk of seeing the event at no cost. (Generally 45 minutes to an hour ahead of event + event itself)

Volunteer Coordinator

Coordinate volunteers for all departments, and help onboard all volunteers.

Website Support

Peruse website on all pages including checking links for any mistakes or outdated information.  Report to webmaster. (3 hours monthly)