If you are interested in this exciting adventure, please contact our Mentor Coordinator.

Our mentors support the Athena Project’s mission to empower women and girls in the arts by providing one-on-one assistance to young women learning to write, paint, dance and create fashion.

Our mentors are not teachers, disciplinarians or (necessarily) experts in their respective fields. We’re looking for folks who will listen, encourage and cheerlead, and who have real passion – both for the arts, and for helping young women develop their potential. No teaching experience is needed, but for each area we prefer folks with a background in that discipline. For instance, for mentors in our GIRLS CREATE Summer Camps, we typically collaborate with women who have a background in literature, theatre or writing. This doesn’t mean you must have a degree or that you’re working in that field right now – only that you have some experience that will help you communicate with our young students.

Time requirements vary. We depend upon mentors during our summer camps and also in the preparation for our Girls Create Celebration which is part of our annual Arts Festival in Marzo. If you’d like to put yourself forward as a mentor, we’d require you to attend two orientation meetings and then consistently help with the program that fits your schedule best. Each program culminates in the girls performing or presenting their work, and attendance is mandatory for that event.